Thursday, October 22, 2015

In the meanwhile

While you handle your excessive friendships,
and two too busy lips,
I shall savour my darkest silence
and your lovely smile,
in the meanwhile.

While you bear the burden of the worldly beauties,
and feel overloaded with your daily duties,
I shall honour my mortal blessings
and your eminent style,
in the meanwhile.

While you are infected with reasons,
and fading away with the seasons,
I shall render patience to my soul,
and let you walk the aisle,
in the meanwhile.

While you are burying your memories,
and planting new life theories,
I shall learn my lessons,
and preserve your every file,
in the meanwhile.

I shall make peace with my time,
I shall make time for my peace.
In the meanwhile, I shall,
and I will.

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