Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Incredible Sulk

After a long time, I’ve got the time and the mood to write something for myself. In these 100+ days, life has been a roller coaster ride. Working in a new place, blending with new people, hasn’t been much affirmative as of now. Though I am away from a couple of claustrophobic minds who ruled my past employment, I still miss those few friends whom I betrayed by leaving them alone without much of an explanation. The insanity around had gone beyond my threshold and I was losing myself into it. I had to become selfish at some point in life and this was it.
After I landed in Pune, it was no joyride either. For a couple of months, I had a hard time convincing my father that I could manage the expenses. While I found a house 10kms away from my office, I had to commute by local bus. Without a doubt, my patience began to wear out because of the pathetic crowd, crazy traffic and the about-to-be-decommissioned-but-still-running buses. Yeah! I am again lampooning about the place I live in because it has become a necessary evil to stay in a place I hate less. Added to that, rains were a constant nuisance and my house owner too.
She sweet-talked me as if I were to marry her daughter and completely made sure I had a very good impression about her. But, when it began to rain and the roof began to leak, I was a total stranger.
“The rainfall can’t be stopped. It’s in God’s hands. We did all that we can, but couldn’t do anything more.” These were her words; as if I had cancer and she was a doctor who tried everything to save me, but couldn’t.
I may be termed as “Complaint Box” for relentlessly sulking about everything I’ve ever done, but the truth always stands unattended. If Consumer Forums were able to access blogs telepathically, I’d have written much more and complained about every product I bought, that ended in shithole.
For some reason, I feel good about one thing, and that’s my work. Though I learnt a lot of good as well as bad things from my past employment, I am glad that I left it because, what they deprived me of there, I got that in abundance here – I got to do lots of creative work (with Photoshop). Though we’re never satisfied with our bosses anywhere, one thing I feel motivated here is, I am sure I can take over my boss’s job here because I feel that confident and I am that capable too. (If you can, then read between the lines.) I always end up with a mix of good and bad and that’s how the world is. I cannot expect a perfect job with perfect salary and perfect team in a perfect company. I am not that perfect either. Somewhere, sometime, I’ve to compromise with assholes and probably be one with them too. With my “Textual Harassment” extended versions, I’ve earned my usual status back in the new place and that’s something to cheer about. Though my personal life has not been a fairy tale, I’ve been luckily surrounded by some bunch of unusual friends. They never mind if I stop talking to them, but one word can surely turn shitload of emotions upside down and that word is – oye. I still remember, I became friends with a few in a very eccentric way. Being friend to a mutual friend on facebook is no biggie these days, but it seemed to be a matter of extreme intrusion, when I was in college. I am glad that I still have some friends whom I’ve never met in person, but they’ve been more than a best friend whom I can trust and share my deepest feelings without a second thought.

I’ve always been a believer and know that God does what’s best for me. Sometimes my faith falters when something terrible happens. But my faith has only been shaken, not shattered. I can still look forward for happy days and have super fun. And, with peanuts that I am being paid, I still am sceptic about joining the gym and getting into shape. I can go monkeying around in PMPML buses and be auditioning at the zoo. There are lots of plans in life, but plans always fail when we plan. So, better don’t plan shit, and see shit happen. Most probably, this would become my next status update right? Sounds good, looks good too.

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