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Flirting with friendship: The family synergy

Chapter 5: The family synergy

Getting Sakshi on board to Karanth family was my mom’s decision. If it wasn’t for her, Sakshi would just be a girl of my dreams who’d be forgotten in a day or two. The decision had been so unanimous with everyone in my family; there was no doubt that she had any chance to escape. She too had completely accepted me and my family with all her heart and we were just waiting for that auspicious occasion to come so that we’d exchange the rings. Sakshi was going through an “internship” as of now and she’s doing pretty well.
“Ma, can I go out with Abhi this evening?” Sakshi asked with a hesitant voice.
“He’s all yours.” My mom said, “Just make sure you don’t distract him from his work.” She added. While I was in my office, my Whatsapp beeped and it was Sakshi.
Movie at 7:30 tonight, Meenakshi mall – it read.
Not sure babe. Im quite occupied. Will let u knw... brb – I replied.
L L L - She was bit disappointed.
How could I ever disappoint Sakshi??? That too on Saturdays? Impossible! I always loved to give her surprises and this time I thought of doing something different. I knew she’d anyway come to know about my surprise that I’d book the movie tickets beforehand and call her to tell that I’d be coming. This was something else. Vikram and Anusha were coming home and I was keen to know about the power-packed chocolaty action that happened after I left their house that day. I called up home and told mom that Vikram and Anusha were coming and not to tell Sakshi anything about this. Also, I told her not to call Vikram to ask anything in detail.
“Sakshi. I have a surprise for you this evening.” I called her up and sent out a verbal teaser.
“I know. Which movie tickets you booked?” she asked anticipating my surprise.
“I’ll tell you when I come home in an hour.” I said and hung up.
I called up Vikram to remind him about the plan. “Hey, Vikki! What time are you coming home for dinner?” I didn’t ask him whether he’s coming or not.
“Oh! Shit. I totally forgot.” Vikram exclaimed. “I’ll be there by 7:00 at the max.”
“I hope you’re bringing Anu along with you.” I asked with a commanding voice. “I’ve told mom that both of you will be coming.” I said.
“Yeah sure. We’ll be there.” He said. Phew!!!
Finally, one thing went as planned. It always happens with me that, every time I plan something, it flops terribly because it’s very tough to match timings with friends on weekends and most of times they have their own commitments.
By the time I reached home, Sakshi was ravishingly dressed in her off white sleeveless kurti bordered with imitation diamonds sparkling on her shoulders. Her black leggings underlined the curves voluptuously and her round face was glowing with brightly highlighted eyes, and glossed lips which wore a sexy smile as always.
“Shall we go?” she urged as soon as I entered the hall.
“Hey... Hey... Hold your horses sweetheart.” I held her hands and calmed her down.
“Vikram and Anusha are coming home.” I revealed the surprise finally. I’d mentioned about them to Sakshi when I got her home few days back when she was ill. I told Sakshi the whole “Dinner table” story and she too was quite eager to know what happened that night after I left. The unmarried couple were so interested to know about the LIVE ACTION, of married couple and all this was a common behaviour.
Later that evening, Vikram and Anusha arrived in their huge i20 and we welcomed both of them. Vikram was in his striped Polo tshirt and jeans, while Anusha wore a simple maroon coloured salwar kameez.
“Vikram... Anu...” I paused for a moment while I dragged Sakshi in front who was hiding behind me. “This is the mission I was talking about.”
“Sakshi.” I announced her as my future life-partner.
Vikram and Anu instantly hugged me and Sakshi congratulating each other.
“What a surprise Abhya.” Vikram elated, “You’ll never change. Always surprise us with the best thing possible on earth.” He was all smiles, but Anu looked a bit taken aback. I again got in a “kissing mode” with Vikram and whispered in his ears, “How did everything go that night?”
Vikram didn’t speak. He was just staring at Anu and had a straight face.
“Sakshi. Why don’t you show Anu around?” I shooed away both the ladies while we had our space to discuss stuff.
“She’s an animal Abhya.” Vikram’s voice was totally in disgust. “There’s no decency at all.” He said with his quivering head. I was confused. Whether I’ll laugh my ass out or look worried about his problem?
“Vikkya. Be a man.” I said, patting his back. “You want to be a father or not?” I asked him as if he had no choice.
“I want to, but....”
“No ifs... No buts...” I said and asked him again, “Exactly, what happened that night?” I had a constant smile and I kept winking at him. For an ideal guy, he was too decent to flirt and too clean and composed to speak shit. I didn’t force him to speak out more, but ended the conversation on a humorous note. “Is Anu happy now?” I just asked out of curiosity.
“Yes. She is.” He said unnervingly.
“And, what about you?” I pulled him a bit into the chat again.
“I don’t know. I am just glad she’s satisfied now. She got what she wanted.” He was totally impassioned.
“Alright now. Cheer up.” I brought him back to the hall where all the ladies were in a deep discussion as though they saw someone being murdered.
“What happened?” I asked Sakshi. All the three ladies were staring at each others’ faces blankly and finally Anu stood up. Her face was totally red; her eyes too. Vikram was in dire state of discomfort. “Damn these ladies. They never stop complaining even if you give away your dignity for them.” Vikram thought.
Anu came towards Vikram and quietly spoke to him, “Vikram. I forgot to bring the masala of Bisi Bele Bath and Rasam. Abhi had asked to get it from home last week. I forgot.”
I was standing right beside Vikram and heard what she said. Vikram and I breathed a sigh of relief and I slammed my palm on my forehead and said,
“Oh! God... Anu”
“You had Vikram killed.” I exhaled. “You can come next week again with the masala and this time you can cook it yourself.” I consoled Anu while Vikram threw himself on the sofa.
“Mom has prepared my favourite Tomato Rice.” I told Anu. “You can learn the recipe from her.” I said, “Sakshi is doing her internship and she’s doing better.”
Sakshi punched my arm and went in to help mom set the dinner table.
Here we go again. I thought.
The same dinner situation, the same couple, but this time it’s an addition of two more people; my mom and Sakshi. Vikram and Anu decided to sit separately and allowed the ladies to sit together and he sat with me. All of us silently had our dinner and came back to the hall. Vikram, Anusha, Sakshi and I decided to go out for a stroll and told mom to latch the door. All four of us walked on the boulevard of the society garden as it was totally empty. Usually children play the hell out in evening times, but at night, it always seems haunted. Sakshi was on my left holding my hands tightly in the cold, and Anusha was on my right, holding Vikram. It was 12o C and I had my arms wrapped around Sakshi making her feel warm. So were Anu and Vikram.
“Anu. Please don’t become a non-vegetarian.” I suddenly spoke about something she had no idea.
“What???” Anu asked in a startled tone. “I didn’t get you.”
“Vikram was telling me how you were eating him up.” I was about to interrogate Anu in detail, Sakshi acutely pinched my belly and asked me to stop talking.
“Well. It was just a reaction.” Anu responded. “I simply reciprocated to what Vikram did.”
I leaned forward and looked at Vikram while we were still walking. He was trying to hide his face. “ANIMAL HUH???” I screamed. Vikram got the sign. He knew I was addressing him.
“How did you meet Sakshi?” Anu broke in with a change of topic.
“It’s a long story Anu. I’ll leave you and Sakshi to discuss over that topic someday when you girls meet up in person.” I said.
“Why don’t you show them your photographs?” Sakshi intervened. “The Udupi tour you’d been with your family?” she said.
“Good idea.” I said. “Anyways it’s getting too cold to walk here.” We all moved in and sat reminiscing with the old photographs.
“You both are staying here tonight.” I commanded Vikram and Anu. Mom was also there and she too agreed. “Abhi is right. Tomorrow is Sunday. What you two do at your home, you can do it here.” Mom winked at Vikram and Anu while they blankly stared at me. Mom had a great sense of humour inherited from her father and I’d inherited from her.
“You and Sakshi...?” Vikram’s thought was relevantly clear while he asked me.
“My dear friend. Tonight you are my ANIMAL.” I told Vikram with a growling smile.
“The ladies will sleep together.” I said, clearing his doubt. “Just for tonight.”

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