Thursday, May 9, 2013

In the Museum of God: Déjà Vu

It was the twilight hour when I first saw the huge gate arch in the middle of my house. I thought it was just another place where some pictures and posters of Gods were preserved and made available for public viewing. I was wrong. The place was magical. It possessed eccentric powers and flaunted eclectic architecture. The nested arch had a faint turquoise blue tint on the inside and a pitch black shade on the outside. The moment I looked up to read the words engraved on it, I got this feeling of déjà vu. The words read: “Evolution. Youth. Liberty for you.”
When I read the first word, it was Charles Darwin that came to my mind, and not the apes. The place was haunted by broken dreams of many souls who lost their battle with life, while they were trying to change many. This dream was a dull reminder for me that, I need to connect the dots, join the broken pieces and get myself back in shape, though not physically, but spiritually as well. The elements of dreams may still be considered vague, random and meaningless, but the after-effects of dreams do have a huge impact.
Creating a different world of your own and trying to live in it, is something you dare to do all your life. Coming face-to-face with The Omnipresent, is something you dream, and those Prophetic dreams not only entertain you, but offers you a direction of thought and peace to your clobbering emotions, provided you focus on what the message is.
Being a lucid dreamer for past seven years, I did remember most of what I saw. The moment I read the inscription on the arch, the turquoise frame began to glow and lit up the whole building like a Tuareg bride. The déjà vu started when I saw the doors of the core temple open by itself as the arch turned into drapes and minimized itself on the cold marble floor. The chill brought goosebumps to me and I was taken straight inside the temple where the idols were under extreme security. There was no technology, no phone calls, and absolutely no graphics. When I looked at the golden idols, the history flashed into my head in a nanosecond and I remembered that I’d solved all these puzzles before and now it was time to go to the next level.
I was aware of the trickery God was up to. The lavish sofa that He had in His living room was a carnivorous creeper in an elegant camouflage. I got rid of those first and then His wife appeared in a pearl white skirt. The whole world knew, “God’s love is so wonderful”, but it was only me who knew, God’s love was seductive too. I’d seen and felt His love from the closest point and I had to pay for the forbidden act. That was the time when I came to know; even a gentle breeze can kill someone. It slowly kissed my cheeks and took me along, because I insulted the impregnated Piscean and the broken tooth of the unborn had laid a curse upon me which said, “Your love will always be in the air.” I now knew that my salvation was in the love of God. What a beautiful way to interpret “God’s Love” and what an insightful way to start the day. I can say that I am at peace and no matter what, I will, “Evolve. Stay young at heart. And I will earn my liberation.”

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