Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Hyper-Nostalgic Buffer Time

The 6 months of luxurious honeymoon period is over. For some of us, virgin in the area of advertising, got a deep and thorough penetration of knowledge and experience on a daily basis. While some of us were busy learning to be great at the art of advertising, some others were busy in preserving each and every moment. I was one of the ‘Treasurers’ of such memories and I feel blessed to have such a bunch of crazy friends. At the end of the course, I wish I shared my heart out, but unfortunately we all had to leave in installments, just like the way we came in the campus 6 months ago. I feel lucky to have seen all the 3 seasons in a sandwich.
Now that we all are back home, our minds are still stuck in MICA. They say that mind is the most powerful mode of transportation. It can reach from one place to another in a matter of nanoseconds. Though it took 2 days for us to pack our luggage and 2 days to unpack, the process of what has to be done after all the packing-unpacking had already begun back in our heads. The moment we all left MICA, there were mixed emotions oozing out of everyone’s eyes. For me, this place, these people, this whole experience was completely new. I was never a bright student and I’d never got through any major interviews from any premiere institute; I’d never stayed in a hostel where both boys and girls stayed in the same building; I was never witnessed a fight so close like a movie sequence wherein I wasn’t sure about the next moment whether I’ll be alive or dead; I never stayed awake beyond 2 in the morning; I’d never slept in the digital lab; and most of all; I never roamed everywhere with my camera. All this was part of my life now. There was hardly any day where I didn’t have my camera with me. I madly made everyone laugh with my sickest jokes and I’d got them allergic and contagious.
After the glorious “Portfolio Night” that we attended in Mumbai, some of us got higher in their confidence, spirits and even reach. I made friends with everyone initially when we joined; few stayed close; few stayed nearby and others decided to orbit around. I got few feedbacks to improve myself, and I was working hard on being excellent. Rather, I never worked hard on it. I thought that I’ll enjoy what I do and I worked hard on making memories, and somehow I got damn good at it. Meanwhile, I did some good work here and there and continued to do it on regular intervals. My friends loved everything that I did and began to praise me more than I deserved. That was the moment, I knew for myself that I am not taking myself anywhere, because work that friends like and work that world likes are hardly common. What I was doing was just having fun and it didn’t have any ‘objective’ as such, but here even having fun should have a creative brief and a target audience, with a single-minded proposition and a rationale.
To some extent, I feel that I made justice to the course by discovering what I was actually good at. I knew that I was good at writing, but writing without an audience, without an objective is just like masturbation (just like my faculty said; same words). You don’t know why you are doing it, but you are enjoying it anyway. That shouldn’t be my fate all my life and I had to change it. I was already halfway down masturbating (academically, though not figuratively), all I had to do was to add some meaning to it and I am still learning to ‘master’ this aberration. My friends kept telling me what all I am good at and I kept following my heart. Now that I am home and I need a job to live a life, I can’t just sit back and write a blog while my father stays awake till midnight fighting his battle against government on increasing his pensionery benefits.
This is the insomniac time which bothers most of us in the families. Many of us have completed this 6 months long course with loads of fun and of course, tons of exclusive learning that can never be learnt from any part of the world. The burden of getting a job, repaying the loans, settling down in a place and a company, everything haunts us from the day we’re free from the campus. For most of us, the ultimate destination is Mumbai and most of us ‘are’ from Mumbai. Hence, staying would not be a problem. As expected from the course, may be not everyone was employable at that instance, but everyday is a new learning and everyday we update our skills. While we were at the campus despising the canteen food, we yearned to go back home and savor the home-made food. Now that we’re home, a couple of days passed, after we’re done hogging food like gluttons thrice a day, we’re seriously bored of all this stuff we thought we’d do while we come back home. We want to go back and find a job and get ourselves rolling. Break is definitely needed, but for those who’re tired of working all day long. We didn’t work; we ENJOYED what we did and we can never be tired of it, hence this nostalgic restlessness. I hope we all find a job soon and end this laziness sitting on facebook all the while and waiting for a notification to pop up and troll on each other. BITCH PLEASE, Y U NO COME TO MUMBAI SOON?


Neha Kumra said...

awww.. it looks like u were looking at those million pictures tht u clicked while u were writing this... every word seem to have come out from d depth of memories captured in those
pics.. :)

Ameet Joshi said...

All those pictures are still afresh in my mind Neha :)