Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Selfless Soul

The one who’s happy, or the one who’s sad,
the one who’s normal and the one who’s mad.
This is not about me, and it will never be.
Maybe this is for someone or something very lucky.

There will be no ‘I’ anywhere here,
there won’t be any place left to interfere.
Satisfied will be the souls of ubiquity,
Maybe this is there to stay till Infinity.

The passion, the compassion seldom came together,
just like a rainbow that challenged the weather.
Usage and Utility were universally wed.
Maybe we’ll be consumed after we’re dead.

It’s time for materials to possess emotions,
so that people define their dispositions.
Silence will start to speak their heart,
Maybe rationality will give up analyzing the chart.

The nature will have its own take on mankind,
There will be less concrete to mix and grind.
Life was never meant to be only for humans,
Maybe human race scored fewer home runs.

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