Saturday, July 7, 2012

Everyday’s New

Everyday, new raindrops embrace the ground,
and resurrect the lost fragrance of joys.
Everyday, new smiles are spread around,
and satiate the cravings of melancholic noise.

Everyday, new songs make you passionate,
and teach you to love your enemies too.
Everyday, new feats make you feel great,
and lead the crowd in whatever you do.

Everyday, new sorrows inflict your heart,
and every hurdle energizes your will.
Everyday, new dreams bring a thwart,
and at the end of day, it’s a battle downhill.

Everyday, new prayers ascend to heaven,
and implore for a pacific soul.
Everyday, new love is born and smitten,
and yet pretend to have achieved the goal.

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