Thursday, June 14, 2012

By Hook or Crook* (Members Only)

There are many things in this world for me that I have to do. My best friend from school had once told me to make a note of all those things and keep them in a book. For me, books are the best safe I can ever have. The reason being, none of my friends understand what I write; not because my handwriting sucks. In fact, it is the best in my friends’ circle. It is so because I write in such a complex way, they never would bother to screw their minds for such a silly reason to read what I’ve written, even if it has something really important about my life or theirs.
For some obvious logistical reasons, I had to stop writing my diaries and keep that single piece of paper with me for reference, just in case I forget what is my aim in life. Luckily, I still remember after 6 long years, what I want to be. The only problem is, the world is finding it hard to digest this fact that I am serious in this matter. As I mentioned in my previous articles about my father being a dedicated government servant, I too was blankly being honest in all my endeavors till now. I thought that honesty along with loads of dedication and hard work, will surely take you to a respectable position in life, no matter if this process took some time. I had faith on the path I was traveling on. There were some tough hindrances of realities that I had to face.
  1. I wasn’t the only person who thought that honesty was the best policy. I have few fools here who think that this is still the best policy. Those fools are now my best friends (fortunately or unfortunately I am not sure).
  2. You need to join the “Kiss My Ass” Club to get your things done. There is always a place where there is an ass and few good people who suck. Together they make this instant khichdi of Sucks-ass (no pun intended) and get instant “Success!
  3. Your talent alone will not take you to the top. Joining KMA Clubs won’t take you either. What shine in this world is your perseverance skills. If you can prove everyone that you can survive any damn situation, you live to tell your story. Or else, you rot in deep shit of hallucinating fame.
  4. You can buy your work. I never knew that one could ‘buy’ work. I’d learnt from my professor that it is not enough to get employed in a company. You must prove that you are employable and you deserve to be paid for that job. Well, there are few mavericks who choose to differ and start a business to ‘sell’ jobs.
The silliest thing that fascinated me was the KMA Club. You never know when you’d be invited to join for free because you might be the only person who’s not a member. And there might be conditions where you’d get the best opportunities in the industry only when you are a member (just like any other social clubs in the town). I feel bad for my other friends who feel that they are hanging on a tightrope and are about to fall either ways. Some of them have great hopes to make a mark in the industry, but the negative vibes all around kill the sportiveness.
This article has come out of me in times where I am supposed to sit and write 10 – 20 creative briefs per day and execute about 5 – 6 ads per day. The expected targets are not meeting because the air of sarcasm and wilderness has crept in too deep. Good friends are turning back because their priorities have changed. Nice friends have stopped being nice and just friends have become strangers. Only the fools, whom I mentioned earlier, are constantly up till late night, to spend some time staying awake, even if there is nothing important happening with their lives too. I dedicate this to all those who still believe in themselves and have faith in the journey towards leading a respectable life rather than a “Suck-sex-fool” life (no pun intended even now)!

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