Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Magic

I never expected to be born as a human,

I was anyway breathing in a ward.

Never knew that living would be so much fun

When I started singing plugged into maternal chord

It’s Magic!

I never wanted to talk like a minister

I was anyway mumbling in the crowd

Never thought, I’d talk like a Webster

And my words would echo that loud

It’s Pure Magic!

I never wanted to fall in love

I was anyway bedazzled by the lucid dreams

Never even dreamt about The World Above

And I was dwelled in the sunny gleams

It’s a Heavenly Magic!

I never wanted to excel to the greatest height

I was anyway rising up with my works

Never was I blessed to be so erudite

And still show levity for those wicked smirks

It’s Hell of a Magic!

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