Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life’s Like that

I’ve tried to have fun,

In all different ways.

Still I’m missing the one,

In a matter of days.

Far she has gone,

Abreast in different phase.

The art of her memories were drawn,

In a matter of days.

My heart wants to sing,

& set the soul ablaze.

I can see the seasons changing,

In a matter of days.

She talked with me a lot,

Now she’s lost behind the haze.

She’ll be back soon, I thought,

In a matter of days.

I’m waiting in the dark,

My arms uncrossed for her to embrace,

I’ll love & leave a cupid mark,

In a matter of days.

I’ll do whatever it takes,

To bring her back in my life,

In a matter of days.

I won’t utter a phrase,

That’ll drive her away,

I’ll be there for her always.

In a matter of days,

I won’t stop loving,

I won’t stop living,

The hopes will cruise by the rays.

It’s not the end of ways,

The prayer goes up & says,

“Just Wait!” it’s a matter of days…

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