Saturday, January 9, 2010

Left Right

What if my heart had a bone?

And I’d be left all alone.

I’d feel my every heartbeat,

And all my pains would be known.

What if my blood was blue?

And I bled without a clue.

I’d live a seamless sadness,

And I’d lose my colorful view.

What if my skin wasn’t opaque?

And my feelings would never be fake,

I’d show my true emotions,

And I’d let no relations to break.

What if my emotions had a standard?

And I remained a sentimental nerd.

I’d never pass the test of love,

And all my life I’d die to learn the word.

What if my dreams would be displayed?

And my vision would never lose the shade.

I’d sleep in solace six feet under,

And I’d have nothing left, to be afraid.

What if success had a roadmap?

And I’d be calmly taking a nap.

I’d lose the zeal to strive for it.

And be defeated in the final lap.

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