Monday, June 30, 2008

Lucid Paradox

We love those who hate us, because opposites attract.
All hate to speak the truth, still accept the fact.
We can’t face the past when we’re moving ahead.
We always feel blue when there’s a furious bloodshed.
We work day & night, so what’s the other times?
Life is full of complexities, & we try to learn rhymes?
We live our lives, just to die one fine day.
We stay in the dark, just to find out one bright way.
Rainbow is the child of the lucid paradox.
We stay in the same world, & claim to think out of the box.


Poonam said...

You are simply great with words.!!

Shivi Saxena said...

The irony is –
We’re skeptical to trust, still want to ..
We’re ambiguous about love, still wait to delve..
We’re eager to see the rainbow, still afraid of life’s colors..
What matters is the complexities..which gives “Life” its definition!!