Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thoughts For Life

∞ Time and tide waits for NONE……And if time and tide waited, NONE would be happy!!!!!
∞ The more you think about OTHERS, the less you care about YOURSELF!!!!!
∞ Stay away from your BELOVED one’s to strengthen the bond of LOVE!!!!
∞ I don’t take SHORTCUTS to success, no matter how behind do I lag!!!!!
∞ I will marry the one who LOVES ME. Bcoz I LOVE EVERYONE!!!!!
∞ Laugh at your own problems and you won’t have them anymore!!!!
∞ I don’t have any WORK, other than to WORK!!!!!
∞ ACTIONS make things HAPPEN, not by PLANNING!!!!
∞ I am TRULY a great LIAR!!!!!
∞ Truth tastes BITTER and it really, truly, faithfully SUCKS!!!!!
∞ All bad things happen for a GOOD CAUSE!!!!
∞ Home is the medicine for every EMOTIONAL DISEASE!!!!
∞ All fun and no work make me the happiest man on EARTH!!!!!
∞ If you keep on thinking something, how could you get others THOUGHTS???
∞ Being a son is different from feeling like one to BE!!!!
∞ If I do all work today, what will I do TOMORROW????

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