Wednesday, April 9, 2008


One loves the nature, One loves the beauty.
One loves his country, One loves the his duty.

One loves his school, one loves his teachers.
One loves the humans, one loves the creatures.

One loves to dare, one loves to shy.
One loves to be wise, one loves to sly.

One loves to be asleep, one loves to awake.
One loves to be truthful, one loves to be fake.

One loves the spirit, one loves the body.
One loves to play, one loves to study.

One loves to sing, One loves to dance.
One loves to observe, One loves to glance.

One loves to kill others, One loves the others to save.
One loves to talk gently, one loves to rave.

One loves to eat bread, one loves to eat pie.
One loves to live long, one loves to die.


Nightingale* said...

Your last comment simply made me smile.Am sorry I couldn't reply you.Thanx for dropping by on my blog and leaving some of your poems...they are awesome.You are one real poet.Knowing my name,I dnt think it wud make any difference.So knowing me by this name only is enough,I feel.

Nightingale* said...

Thanks for being here till infinity.[:)]
Missed to answer your question about my quote,"Strangers are always soothing and known..disappointments".I mean to say here just that,the people whom we don't know are sometimes of much ease to us,coz simply we don't expect anything from them..its easiest for us to be happy in their company.Coz that's the only thing we sometimes deeply need.Hope now you get the rest part of quote too.