Wednesday, November 16, 2016

From dreams to destiny: An infinite journey!

It has been quite some time that I haven’t written a story about my life. Since the day I left my beloved Pune, life has been like a roller coaster ride. Come on, we all get to have some buffer time. Mine took a little longer. Because, I wanted to achieve my dreams, I wanted to fall in love again. I wanted to make memories and most of all, I wanted to settle and I wanted to do that quickly. How could all this be possible to accomplish in such short time? Had I gone insane? Perhaps, the answer was clear. I was getting sane, and it was a shocker, even to me.

I became less crazy. Or was it the surroundings that faded my eccentricity, I am not quite sure. I became less talkative. Or was it the people around that made me selective in choosing my friend’s circle, I was quite sure about that. The “Textual Harassment” which was actively trending before, had gone into exile. The reason for this was surely the lack of software at my workplace. Well, I don’t complain about that. I still continued to jot those evil thoughts in my diary. The feline lover was still alive in me. And, in couple of months, I even found my life partner.

Our story will be featured in another volume on a bigger scale though. But, precisely, we met on a matrimony site (as we were supposed to) and it was love at first chat. Being a charmer that I was, I lured her into my captivity with layers of romantic and emotional verses. Being a sweetheart that she was, she accepted me completely. Our story merely began and life, to me, was on a whole another dimension. The long distance thing still tests my patience but it never keeps me away from doing crazy things for her.

My friendship with people has also been going through a major metamorphosis (positively) after I’ve got into this relationship. She’s been more like a surgeon to me, treating her cancer patient. When I was enduring my singlehood, I was unshackled. Friendship to me meant, being friends to people, having fun, cracking jokes and sharing some common interests to spark conversations. But, she saw it differently. She tried to find meaning and purpose to everything. To me, it was very philosophical, and something serious, which wasn’t my forte. But, after the operation (ring ceremony), I fell for my surgeon’s methods. I found out why it was important for me to have few friends. Because, not every friend will understand you. Not every friend will see the qualms you face every day. Not every friend will want you to change. Of course, I will not disown those few friends who really have made my life meaningful, but, with time, the wrong ones will fade away by themselves; because I let them.

Some won’t like the changes in me. Some will despise me for leaving (abandoning, for lack of a better word) them. They will blame the girl I am marrying. They will say that she is the one sabotaging our friendship. But, if you look at it closely, if the friendship was real, no matter what my marital status was, it wouldn’t have affected us. And so is my relationship with her. Right now, I walk on a very thin ice. This is courtship time for us and we both want to make the most of it. This is the time when we get to know each other beyond our CV and matrimonial details. I would want to know what she likes and what makes her cry; what makes her laugh; what terrifies her; what turns her on; what kind of food she likes to hog on; what sitcoms she’s into; is she a movie buff, or is she a bookworm; is she allergic to any particular climate or place; does she like to drink, go crazy or does she like to travel, and stay wild – every damn details matter to me. And during this period of knowing each other, I wouldn’t mind staying away from friends for a while. For me, it is all temporary. I knowing her more doesn’t make her a vamp. If that’s the case, I’d rather be glad losing friends who think so.

Though I’ve always dreamt of friends and family hanging out together as one, not all my dreams are meant to come true. Not all my friends would like her; and so would she. I don’t expect them to come to a truce, but I expect them to understand. My journey with them as a friend will only continue if they let me begin my journey of love and life with my better half. There will be paused friendships, but never stopped ones. We will definitely begin from where we left. I would even tag my partner along to your parties, but only if she’s invited. In such circumstances, we’d often say; there’s no need for such formalities. But, on a long-run, it helps to be formal. You’re not seen as an intrusive friend. You don’t assume or expect them to turn up. You, my friend, would be on a safe side and nobody would blame you for being careless or disrespectful. And, to me, that’s the biggest takeaway from being formal.

I’ve met my match and it’s time I said – I am a person who needs friends. I don’t desire to have many. She understands this and became my friend first. If my friends understood this, they will let me savour my tryst with destiny for a while. I am not going anywhere. I’ll definitely be back with more life inside me, (well, that came out wrong) figuratively. So long, my friends (that came out wrong too)!

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