Thursday, June 13, 2013

The divinity of differentiation: What you like and what you know?

Getting up early and talking about rains is no surprise in the monsoon. No matter you talk good or bad about it, you are talking anyway. The difference is, whether we talk with our knowledge in tact or haywire.
Everyday most of us struggle with these two conflicting questions in our lives. What do we like and what do we know? For some of us, the answer is quite simple and ready. We know what we like and we like what we know, but for most of us, it is a tough task to introspect the hell out of ourselves. For those who like to talk, should know what they are talking; for those who like to write, should know what they are writing. And so it goes on. If you ask a voyeur to write something about sex, they can become PhDs in the topic. But if you ask them about ways to curb rapes and sexual violence, they’ll stand dumb. Ask an atheist something about God and spirituality, his throat begins to choke, but a contest on blasphemous elocution is worth winning. It is important that, if you want to talk about something you like, you should know about certain things you have to.
Reading a few novels, if I think that I can write a book just like that, would be an act of insolence. I like being like them, but it is important for me to know what crisis they had to overcome to reach to that level. The authors in the yore didn’t have the luxury of smartphones to flaunt their flair (because fountain pens made their own mark), they didn’t have online thesaurus to sophisticate their literature (because they already had the original), and they didn’t have the social networking sites to share their works, (because tête-à-tête happened LIVE). After watching a few Christopher Nolan movies, I feel all motivated to break the boundaries of my imagination and stuff myself with motivational dialogues. What do I know about motivation myself? When the rains or the cold wind don’t matter when you wake up, you are motivated enough to be on time at work. A lazy weekend is then a bonus offer. The crazy thing about liking someone and knowing whether they’ll be with you forever is a pondering thought.

The divinity of differentiation here is simple. When we like something or someone, we try to know everything that will complement the love for it. Whether the result is in our favour or not, the bestowal of knowledge is colossal. You’ll always do things you like and the best part is you are in full knowledge of your actions. Imagine if we would make world a better place to be, if we spoke our minds and minded our speech; if we like what we do and know what we like; if we see the truth and be true to our vision. It’s all easier said than done, but it has to start some place, some time, somehow and with someone. Why not with US? Right here, right now?

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