Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Happy Man & The Cursed Angel: Unplugged

The Happy Man is always on the go, to some place or the other. From past one year, he has been an active traveler and after long time, he has visited his home to stay for quite some time. Till today, he was all busy going for some monasteries learning some or the other skills and doing some or the other activities that’d enhance his capabilities. Most of the times, he was afraid of plagiarism and didn’t let much of his brighter side come to the forefront. Many of the monks in the temple there were greedy to be “The Ultimate Master” of the palace. He had one mentor there and he adored her a lot, for she taught him most of the things that he didn’t learn in his regular course of academia.

It happened one day that, he fell short of words while expressing his emotions and he had to pay for his silence. The retribution was abominable, but The Happy Man had learnt his lesson and that was awesome. He had started loving his life and was coming out of the “Unlucky Chasm”. While he was on the journey to kill the boredom of the mundane activities, he found someone from the “Blue Sky” who shared the same vibes as that of his. He began smiling throughout while he kept looking at the clouds that were about to weep in happiness for him. They’d turned grey and the dark circles finally couldn’t hold the droplets. The Happy Man stretched his hands out of the window and there landed a pearl in his palms. For a moment, he entered into a totally new epoch that defined his identity. The Happy Man only said two words that paused the gravity at that instance; “Love You!

The Cursed Angel was not even in the picture when he said those words. With whom did The Happy Man fall in love then???

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northenlights said...

Liked it! Waiting for more!!