Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Dirtiest Part of My Job

When it comes to teaching, I can get as progressive as I can, but when the time for exam comes, I am in a state of jeopardy. It’s true that a faculty should always help the students in all walks of their life, provided they are walking on a right path. If at all the students are deviating from their principles, ethics and basic fundas of life, they need to be corrected (guided would be the right term) by us. It’s like, neither all students are dumb, nor all of them are super-smart. Some who are genuinely intelligent also get into situations where they don’t get certain answers to some questions in the paper. Helping the students to pass the exams, before the exams is the actual duty of the faculties and also the beauty of the job, but if a faculty helps a student during the exams and let them copy, he must be helping them momentarily, and also gain the praises from hundreds of them to feel good for a while, but on a long term scale, he is screwing their lives for lifetime.

When I first entered the examination hall as a supervisor, I was confused whether to be strict or let them do what they wanted. I chose the former and kept the examination hall like a military regiment. I was feeling the negativities all around in the class even after the exams were done. I didn’t get anything out of it, neither did they do. I am a selfish person to some extent and I want all the love from students (academically and not romantically). I wanted to see myself as the most creative faculty in the class and I strived to continue my work. A day came once again when I was the supervisor and I had to take few students out because of their constant nuisance during the exams. It was post-farewell internal exams that they had and this time I had kept it too liberal. I wanted to see how many still have that consciousness not to copy in exam hall when the supervisor was there. Out of 30 students in my block, I had only two of them who honestly wrote the exam and I came to know one thing from this. The final year students won’t change themselves if we try to change them. They won’t change by themselves too. It’s only their “Life Experience” which will change them and when those changes come to them, I pray to God to give them strength to willingly accept them and move ahead successfully.

I regret to have gone beyond my duties and given them liberty to change, but I guess a tree can only be bent while it’s a plant. This part of my job is the dirtiest of them all and I hate to be in such ethical dilemma. I have the authorities to screw each and everyone of them, but I again despise to mess up their lives at the verge of their graduation. I always follow this statement: “A student is a student till he gets out of his college, then he becomes a learner”. He never learns things that we try to teach which are not in the books though, but is necessary to know even if we don’t require those sentimental dialogues (as they think)…

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