Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Love to Infinity

I love her a lot, but she loves me the most.
I like to flatter my love, but she likes me to boast.
I care for her joys, but she cries to buy me a smile.
I can do anything for her, but she has her own style.

I never left her alone, but she never made me feel alone.
I made her my Queen, but she never embraced my throne.
I went away from her, but she got closer to my heart.
I thought this was the end, but she had set it to start.

I wanted her to be with me, but she had me within her.
I loved to hold her hands, but she was my anchor.
I loved her deeply, but her love was beyond the abyss.
I always dreamt of her, but she kept me in her eyes.
I can sacrifice my identity for her, but she made me her identity.
I can die for her love, but she will love me till Infinity!

1 comment:

Nightingale* said...

one word.."Beautiful".ARe you in love?